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Whether you are a newcomer to running or an experienced competitive runner, there are many reasons to consider personal training services.  Anyone who is interested in trying Genesis Sub 2 will encounter a complete runner's training program developed over 20 years.  This is a one-of-a kind system which covers not only speed, but also  endurance, and speed endurance.  It also encompasses proper running form and technique, as well as: food, diet, and nutrition.  I invite you to contact me to discuss your training and racing needs. Your training and racing goals might include:

1) A walk/jog program. The Genesis Sub 2 Walk/Jog Program progresses beginning runners from easy walking to jogging.  In addition to being a great way to learn the sport and jog a mile or two, it is also a great way to lose weight.

2) High School/College/Master Training. Genesis Sub 2 offers programs for people who participate in competitive meets on the high school, college or master's level. Training programs are available for the winter and summer.  No matter what your age, we can help you meet your goals!

3) Half Marathon and Marathon Training. Genesis Sub 2 specializes in preparing runners to complete half and full marathons.  If it is your dream to successfully complete a half or full---we'll help get you there! 

4) 5k Jogging Program. Genesis Sub 2 workout sessions can assist any runner in bettering their times and in their ability to run longer distances with greater comfort.

Whatever your goals, Genesis Sub 2 can help you to achieve them. I ran cross country in high school and college and competed nationally in track on the collegiate, open, and master levels.

Joe Carnegie
Ocala FL 34474


A Moment in Time, 6th place at the 1991 USA Indoors National TAC Championship 800 meters