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The 4th of July Run


 No this is not Joe.

 This year's race went about as well as I could expect it to go. About five  weeks ago, I pulled my left groin muscle sitting the wrong way in my chair. So coming into the race the longest I was able to run was 1.5 miles.

The workout was the best I have done in three weeks, I ran it in 7:15. It was my last workout before the race. I took about three days off before the race and rested. Race day I warmed up about five minutes very easy on the grass.

 The first mile mark, I went  very easy, and came by the mile in 5:02. no problem. The next half mile was a grave, and that was ok also. Coming off the grave, at about 1.8 it began to hurt some.

So at 2 miles in 9:56, I had to make a fast decision to stop or keep going. I ran for another 200 feet and stopped and walked back.

Joseph  J - Man  Carnegie